‘Yes we did’ – Obama bids farewell in nostalgic last speech

Obama waves as he gives his last speech. Photo credit: AP

President Barack Obama bid farewell to the nation Tuesday in an emotional speech that sought to comfort a country on edge over rapid economic changes, persistent security threats and the election of Donald Trump.

Forceful at times and tearful at others, Obama’s valedictory speech in his hometown of Chicago was a public meditation on the many trials the U.S. faces as Obama takes his exit. For the challenges that are new, Obama offered his vision for how to surmount them, and for the persistent problems he was unable to overcome, he offered optimism that others, eventually, will.

“Yes, our progress has been uneven,” Obama told a crowd of some 18,000. “The work of democracy has always been hard, contentious and sometimes bloody. For every two steps forward, it often feels we take one step back.”

Yet Obama argued his faith in America had only been strengthened by what he’s witnessed the past eight years, and he declared: “The future should be ours.”


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  1. The Truth Be Told
    January 13, 2017

    January 2017 – Knights of Columbus
    Universal Intention – Christian Unity:That all Christians may be faithful to the Lord’s teaching by striving with prayer and fraternal charity to restore ecclesial communion and by collaborating to meet the challenges facing humanity.
    Evangelization Intention – Europe: That the peoples of Europe may rediscover the beauty, goodness, and truth of the Gospel which gives joy and hope to life.

  2. The Truth Be Told
    January 13, 2017

    Knights of Columbus Prayer for National Unity
    As America prepares to welcome a new president, the Knights of Columbus is urging its members and other Catholics to pray the Novena for National Unity from Thursday, Jan. 12, through Inauguration Day, Friday, Jan. 20.
    All God’s children. You know God does not discriminate. This prayer also includes those who are not Catholics. It is a Novena Prayer. It is never too late to commence. It is one which could be said at any time for National Unity. God knows that America is more divided than ever. So is the world; so is Dominica with no exception
    Americans in general are not excluded. It is your country and whatever occurs you are affected, one way or the other
    If interested Google this prayer and ask others to do likewise.
    It is said, God governs the world but prayer governs God. God never turns his back on people with good disposition. He hears prayers and will answer them as He sees fit.
    God bless America!

  3. The Truth Be Told
    January 12, 2017

    One thing I know, Obama and his administration would suppress Christianity in the U.S.
    This gender issue, the push was on to create all washrooms in the US including churches, gender washrooms. Christians were concerned and would have fought it.
    Planned Parenthood is funded by American taxpayers, paid for by the US government.
    Obama allowed Planned Parenthood to flourish. P.P. was selling aborted baby parts for an exorbitant sum of money. One of their authorities were caught “in a restaurant” giving out information to someone. This created a scandal in the US. You may not hear this on CNN or probably not CBS, those Christian haters. They suppress religious matters. If the information is good, they will not broadcast it or dwell on it. You will hear it on Eternal Word Television Network and other religious ones.
    They will lambaste the fallen priests and never cease speaking of them but they applaud same sex relationships.. These people are hypocrites.

  4. Discombobulated
    January 12, 2017

    And Caribbean people we love making people happiness out sorrow. Ignore someone is homosexual how doesn’t it affect you personally? You don’t do it, it doesn’t hurt you, put food on your table nor take food out your mouth. I’m not myself morn would I want my kids to be but truth is, I am merely a man. who am I to judge men? God forgives even the worse criminals. As long as no gay person step to MeV or my kids with their nonesense I have nothing to say to them. It suits not something I condone but it’s another person more not mine. That’s why we have so many agressive young men and women. We make people business bother us so much that we end up literally fighting each other. Smfh

    • Discombobulated
      January 12, 2017

      Riddled with errors but still…

  5. Pres_Donald_Trump
    January 12, 2017

    President Obama was widely perceived to be anti-Christian, anti-Israeli and pro-Muslim, President Trump’s early signals indicate his administration will be pro-Christian and pro-Jewish/Israeli. Many are not aware of how hostile the Obama administration has been toward Christianity. So many Christian chaplains have been persecuted or driven out of the military by the Obama administration while some have been threatened with prosecution for practicing Christianity…
    Evidence for negroes who don’t read (http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/apr/15/us-military-losing-christians-because-of-hostile-c/)
    The Obama administration has largely yawned in indifference at the cruel treatment suffered for many years by the Christians throughout the Mideast and the rest of the world, not under my president trump ISIS getting there way.

    • freegid tree
      January 12, 2017

      You hate Obama and you call yourself a Christian? Have you ever prayed for him? He too, has a soul. Jesus said, “I came not to call the righteous; but sinners to repentance.”

      • The Truth Be Told
        January 12, 2017

        You are wrong. It is speaking the truth. Why is it when people speak the truth, those as you say, they hate? The word of God must prevail.. Your mere words cannot change them.

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    • Pres_Donald_Trump
      January 12, 2017

      We rolling with Trump in Dominica.
      Pastor Franklin Graham, who is quoted as saying that “God showed up” in the US presidential election
      President Trump will take aggressive military actions specifically to protect and liberate Christians (and others) being so ill-treated by ISIS and other violent anti-Christian groups around the world, hope my president takes note of de dubai passport sales.
      Graham felt so strongly the need for Divine intervention in our recent election that he organized prayer rallies by Christians in all fifty state capitols in the USA prior to the election. As a christian myself i prayed with Graham for a Trump victory against Hillary as predicted in Isaiah 41:21-26.

    • anonymous2
      January 13, 2017

      The world would be a much more peaceful place without the dogma of religions. Do people realize how many wars and problems are caused by religion? The Bible was written by the Free Masons and the Rosecrucians, not by “God” which is dog spelled backwards.

      • The Truth Be Told
        January 14, 2017

        It shows how much you know. Nothing. You need to open up your heart, mind and soul to the truth before it is too late for you..
        One day you will eat your heart out, bite your tongue and your fingers where there will wailing and gnashing of teeth. I feel sorry for you.

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  6. riley
    January 12, 2017

    He never did a thing to benefit us as Black People much less looked at these shitty islands in the sea. The American Government was still corrupt and people in the states are still poor, peoples kids fighting and dying in a war which makes no sense. America is a Corporation, Michelle is Micheal and the Children were adopted.

    • Dominican
      January 12, 2017

      @Riley you sounded original until the Michael and adopted bit, lol you are such a comedian, but you need to be original :mrgreen:

      • The Truth Be Told
        January 12, 2017

        It is shocking that Michael is Michelle. How was this kept a secret? Or those who knew as the Media were tight-lipped about it.

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    • The Truth Be Told
      January 12, 2017

      Interesting! I thought they were their children. This sounds like a well-kept secret.
      If Trump knows he should have thrown it in Obama’s face or his supporters as Hillary.
      Obama got what he deserved. During his first campaign, it was said when he was a student he conducted a homosexual affair in a taxi. I read it and heard it.

  7. January 12, 2017

    You all don’t love Obama? Trump will be good for you all! LOL

  8. The Truth Be Told
    January 11, 2017

    The US has Trump as President. Some have been trying and continue to try to tarnish his image as if their lifestyle is better.
    Some of them are not pleased that Trump won. The Catholic Church believes in giving him an opportunity. So would all genuine practicing Christians. Let us see what he can do. Give him that chance and pray that he will be an effective US President. Pray also for him personally.
    As for Obama, I would say, happy riddance. He is a great disappointment in matters I stated.
    There is still a lot of poverty in the US. Chicago has many murders. I heard a Chicago Police Chief state that most of those who commit crimes are out on bail and re-offend or they were imprisoned and when released they re-offend. Obama did not help to eradicate them even in his hometown.
    What has Obama really done for America and most of the US citizens? Most of us know enough not to applaud him.

  9. The Truth Be Told
    January 11, 2017

    When I would be reading the comments on DNO and writing my comments, the US, EWTN Catholic Network was on. Many prayers were offered. The Church cannot tell Catholics who to vote for but they said, vote wisely. They prayed and prayed. I could tell they were in favor of Trump rather than Hillary for obvious reasons.
    Trump was interviewed on EWTN, the Program, World Over Live. This program is relayed quite a few times over the weekend.
    Trump knew the Catholics and Evangelists were on his side. They brought about the majority of votes for Trump.
    I do think any of us really cared for this rich man. You know his personality but he was the person to vote for rather than Hillary. Woe to the US, woe to US Christianity if Hillary had won.
    Both Obama and Hillary would go about promoting Homosexuals. Obama did this very well in the Canadian Parliament in the Capital, Ottawa, Ontario. It is godless.

    • anonymous2
      January 13, 2017

      The creators of the elections know the psychology of the masses. It is all a set up by the elite, who are not exactly united in their own organization. When people quit voting for the main 2 candidates and start thinking outside of the box, like candidate 3, 4 or more, then positive change may be achieved because the populace will no longer be under mind control and the elite will lose their grip.

  10. J.John-Charles
    January 11, 2017

    He is from Hawaii, but when he wanted to launch his political carrier he landed in Chicago where you have a large black population and became a community organizer.This is my opinion and I could be right.Obama was not organizing the blacks to be responsible citizens and encouraging the young men and women to stay away from drugs and alcohol,get a good education before they start having children out of wedlock,avoid laziness, and the young men stop wearing pants below your bot.Also tell them If I am a lawyer.You can be one too or you can be a medical doctor,teacher,nurse etc.But. NO,Obama landed Chicago to organized them to vote democrats.And after he became president he turn his back on them.
    In 2016 almost 800 homicides blacks killing blacks everyday, gang against gangs and the democrats are silent,but if a white police is called and make a mistake or defend himself and shot a black. you have mass demonstrations and this is Obama’s city Chicago.

    • anonymous2
      January 13, 2017

      Obama was educated white and mainly in CIA schools once he was older and living in Indonesia. He speaks fluent Arabic. His ties to Chicago are to political strategists with money.

    • The Truth Be Told
      January 13, 2017

      The comments always project on whose side we (they) are on. People have their personal opinion. We must respect their views as they must respect ours without throwing insults. This is adult maturity, free to agree and disagree amicably, recognizing everyone has a right and privilege to provide their opinion, the latter two on this Website, accorded to them by DNO. These are also Christian acts of godliness.
      It could be said of Obama – Yes! We did – nothing and won nothing! :lol: :lol: :lol:
      Let us see what the history books will state about his eight-year tenure as US President.

  11. The Truth Be Told
    January 11, 2017

    Gays as they call themselves and Lesbians are allowed to adopt children. Some Catholics (and probably others) who had adoption agencies closed down because they refused to allow them to adopt children for obvious reasons,
    Those who own bakeries, dressmakers, photographers and the likes were sued because they would not bake cakes, make a so-called wedding dress/suit and take pictures for this so-called wedding. Some closed their business due to this.
    Be aware not all of these employers are Christians. They are people with moral values.
    Obama supported Hillary Clinton. She would have continued in Obama’s footsteps and worst.
    Obama supported Planned Parenthood which aborted millions of babies in their mothers’ wombs annually. If you follow US news, you would have heard about that.
    When Donald Trump came on the scene, he was a pro-choice and turned pro-life. Well, this was what the genuine practicing Christians wanted to hear. They had feared a Hillary government.

  12. The Truth Be Told
    January 11, 2017

    I supported Obama for the first four years in office. After that, I saw his true colors. When he was elected for the second time he had a lavish garden lunch for homosexuals.
    Obama mandated that all employees who have over 50 employees must incorporate in their insurance policy, free of charge, contraceptives, the morning after pill, sterilization and the likes. This affected every Christian employer as Eternal Word Television Network, TV and Radio, Nuns who employed staff and Evangelists as those Christian TV Stations/Radio.
    For not complying, the daily cost, paid to the government would be approximately $2,500. Multiply this by 30 days and then by 12 months and more years and consider the cost.
    Some employers as EWTN took the Obama administration to Court. Obama was forcing his ungodly views on Christianity in the US. Some are still at Court with Obama Administration.
    Under Obama administration, it was not happy times for US Christianity.

  13. Jenny Pemberton-Javais
    January 11, 2017

    And his transgendered wife keeps saying that she has ‘no hope’? And all this cr*p after his birth certificate has now been proved beyond a shadow of a doubt by Sheriff Joe Arpaio to be 100% fraudulent? And after killing millions in the middle east and creating ISIS? O yes he did – he created the biggest fraud upon the American people in the history of the country.

    • The UK Contingent
      January 11, 2017

      Are you bloody serious???

      • anonymous2
        January 12, 2017

        Yes he is serious because what he writes is true. Most people just don’t know the truth about many things because they are purposely led astray.

        Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 2 Thumb down 7
      • Jenny Pemberton-Javais
        January 12, 2017

        About his legacy.

        97 million Americans are unemployed
        40 million are on food stamps
        more than 100 million are poor by third world standards
        health care – a total mess and unaffordable by the majority
        Sandy Hook – proven false flag
        Boston bombing – proven false flag
        911 – proven false flag
        Libya – war mongering
        Iraq – war mongering
        Syria – war mongering
        Somalia – war mongering
        Yemen – war mongering
        USA owes the world more money than it an ever repay. The dollar is on course for shipwreck.
        US’s first homosexual president (life time member of Chicago’s best gay sauna)
        Wife after 8 years of rule says that she now has ‘no hope’ for the US.
        Achieved less than 95% of his election promises (look at Gitmo – still there for example).

        What a glorious legacy!

        Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 2 Thumb down 8
    • January 11, 2017

      jenny I imagine you as bozo the clown

    • Amarossa
      January 12, 2017

      Shut up Troll!!!

      • Thomas Dutting, PhD
        January 12, 2017

        You referring to yourself?

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  14. Vaffanculo_PM
    January 11, 2017

    Obama La-La-Legacy Includes a Disgraceful Record of Press Censorship. Over the past eight years, the administration has prosecuted nine cases involving whistle–blowers and leakers, compared with only three by all previous administrations combined. It had repeatedly used the Espionage Act, a relic of WWI-era red-baiting, not to prosecute spies but to go after government officials who talked to journalists.”

  15. J.John-Charles
    January 11, 2017

    My preamble is, Mr.president GOOD RIDDANCE.”We often say charity begins at home.”Can someone from Dominica name one major help which we have received because of this man? In November 2008 P.Bellot and many others on DBS told us Obama presidency is gain 4 us.Just before the 2012 election Dr.Fontaine on Q95 encouraged us in the U.S.to vote 4 Obama because he will be good 4 the Caribbean.Can you name one single thing.?

    There was a summit held in Trinidad, and the secretary of State Hilary Clinton told the leaders at the meeting.”The Obama administration will use economic aid to force them to decriminalized homosexuality.”
    No wonder come next week, she will be madam President.

    You know, God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform.

    • The UK Contingent
      January 11, 2017

      Yes, and Trump is going to be better for you!!! Just don’t hold your breath, eh!!!

      • anonymous2
        January 12, 2017

        Neither Trump nor Hillary are going to be good choices but people will never learn to think outside of the box. The whole thing is a set up by the elite. You neither select nor elect the President of the United States. It is done for the people though the people are ‘polled.’

        Well-loved. Like or Dislike: Thumb up 4 Thumb down 0
      • Jenny Pemberton-Javais
        January 12, 2017

        He is not in yet, but look at the jobs he has created?

        Trump is the best thing that has ever happened to the US.

        Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 4 Thumb down 6
    • January 11, 2017

      j.john-charles are you a reptile?

  16. dominican british army military engineer
    January 11, 2017
  17. dominican british army military engineer
    January 11, 2017

    the noble peace prize winner dropped 26171 bombs and drone strikes in 7 cuntries 3027 more than he dropped in 2015, in his last year of office . in his time in office he dropped more bombs than the 2 presidents before hims combined

  18. I am Dominica....Are you?
    January 11, 2017

    Dante Jones….you are a complete and utter moron!!!!

  19. d-a born
    January 11, 2017

    I rate Obama’s personality (at least what I’ve seen), family values and education, but not his politics.

  20. Dante Jones
    January 11, 2017

    Yes we did what? Divide people more? Create more racial tensions? Support groups who encourage people to hate and distrust the police force resulting in less effective policing and more crime? Cause more unnecessary wars?

    • d-a born
      January 11, 2017

      Let’s not forget create a super liberal atmosphere where everyone is super sensitive and entitled.

    • dominican british army military engineer
      January 11, 2017

      you are soooooooooo correct

    • plato
      January 11, 2017

      Obviously you don’t read, you don’t listen to news so you speak directly from your emotions. Never a wise decision. Please acquaint yourself with the figures before you speak.

    • January 11, 2017

      dante who knows you , who wants to know you?

    • Amarossa
      January 12, 2017

      Dante Jones in the days of slavery you would have been one of those who ran to the Massa and tell them of the planned slave uprising. Is so you Black People are. Don’t even want to emancipate from mental slavery.

      Why are you blaming black people for the racial tensions? How come you haven’t pointed any fingers at the racist system that trying to keep black people under their feet?

      I guess you like it like that, you bloody brown-noser! Keep like the white man’s ass and accepting crumbs like as if that’s the only thing that good for black people.

      Jah Boy!! Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Bob Marley, Stokely Carmichael must be ROLLING in their graves right now!

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