Chilean students pose with health officials

Chilean students pose with health officials

An electronic Health System Module for Eye Care and Maternal and Child Health programs has been developed for Dominica by two teams of students from the Catholic School of Public Health in Santiago, Chile.

The second team of six students who were attached to the Health Information Unit for the past four months, bid farewell to the Unit on Friday morning.

The modules will be used at the Princess Margaret Hospital and clinics around the island.

Speaking at a farewell ceremony for the students, Ministry of Health Epidemiologist, Dr Paul Ricketts, expressed satisfaction with the level of work done by the students who, he said, were in Dominica with support from the World Bank.

“They have been giving very important guidance based on their experience and expertise to the overall development of the Information system. We are extremely delighted and extremely pleased with the progress that has been made. They have completed their tasks and have handed over as off yesterday all the documents related to the project including having trained the users of the system,” he remarked.

He said he appreciated what he described as “the building of bridges between Chile and Dominica.”

Health Minister Julius Timothy, said it is his hope that receiving assistance from outside of Dominica in ways such as this, will help improve telemedicine.

The students were all presented with certificates and small tokens of appreciation.