Men in their forties and over have been served notice that they can access free prostate screening being provided by the Dominica Cancer Society in collaboration with the Ross Medical School.

The organisers say the screening on Saturday March 10 will take place in Roseau at the Ross University facility at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

Men in the Portsmouth area will also get a chance to check their prostate, according to the Cancer Society.

They are arranging for screening there at the Clinical facility of Portsmouth General Hospital three weeks later on March 31.

The screening activities will include “Digital rectal examination” along with relevant medical check-ups, according to the Cancer Society’s Patrick Henderson.

He has indicated that “starting from 9 am in the morning men will be seen on a first come first serve basis”.

“The Doctors and medical students hope to continue through the afternoon until they have managed to screen all those who attend. There will be a choice of genders of medical students. At the end of the examination a report will be given to the attendee with recommendations for his Doctor to take appropriate action, if any,” Henderson said.

The Cancer Society has indicated that over 80 men received free exams last year through this initiative.

“Since men generally seek medical care without any kind of regularity, by the time a man experiences symptoms and gets checked it can be too late. This initiative seeks to get men to be proactive as far as their prostate health is concerned,” a release from the society says.

It is encouraging men over 40 to take advantage of this opportunity to check on that aspect of their health.