Health workers at the workshop

The Ministry of Health, in association with the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO), have launched a three-month series of workshops focused on the management of diabetic foot in Dominica, the first of which is being held today at the Public Service Training Centre.


Speaking at the launching, CPO of PAHO, Shirley Augustine, said that diabetic foot issues are the most common and most morbid complication of diabetes and the most common cause of admissions among diabetics in Dominica and the region.

“Diabetic foot problems are a significant clinical and public health issue in Dominica, as they are in the rest of the Caribbean, accounting for the majority of admissions to the general surgical service. Deficiencies in care provision and in education uptake by patients have been documented and appropriate interventions are urgently needed,” she remarked.

Augustine called for a unified effort between caregivers and policy makers in tackling this issue and pledged the support of PAHO in this endeavor.

She added, “It is imperative therefore, that healthcare professionals, policy makers and diabetes representative organizations undertake concerted actions to ensure that diabetic footcare is structured as effectively as local resources would allow.”

The workshops are aimed at health care workers, NGOs, care providers for elderly diabetic and pedicurists. The ministry intends to sensitize the Dominican population through an awareness media campaign across the country.