Shermaine Simon Toussaint is in need of assistance

The Dominica Amateur Basketball Association (DABA) is calling on all clubs, teams, fans and Dominicans to come together to give an assist to one of the league’s long-standing supporters as she battles illness.

Shermaine Simon Toussaint, who lives in Fond Cole, a face very recognizable in the stands during basketball games, and even as part of the table officiating crew, recently complained of a headache and has lost vision in one eye.

She was flown to Martinique for further medical attention, where she was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition.

The surgery required to save Shermaine’s life has to be done in France.

In an attempt to help meet the exceedingly high medical costs, the DABA is pleading with the public to make donations.

“No amount is too small as we pull together as a community to support one of our own,” says DABA President, Jerry Williams.

“In a competitive arena such as basketball, we can all get easily carried away and focus on besting each other, but in circumstances such as this, the basketball family has to band together to show that the fraternity is about more than just a sport, and as an association we want our fans to know that we have their backs as much as they have ours.”

Fans are asked to take along their donations to games throughout the rest of the season or make donations directly to account number 1000-69158 at the National Bank of Dominica.

The DABA wishes Shermaine a speedy recovery and looks forward to seeing her at the games again very soon.