Eula Delsol's house after the storm

Eula Delsol’s house after the storm

When Eula Delsol heard that the howling winds had taken a roof, the last thing on her mind was that it belonged to her.

Delsol and her family were huddled in her mother’s house in Gallion on Tuesday morning while high winds from Tropical Storm Chantal, raged outside.

She said her three children had fled to her mother’s house when she realized the winds were becoming dangerously strong.

“I said my mother’s place was safer than mine so we decided to go there,” she told DNO on Tuesday afternoon.

Tucked in the mountain with a sweeping view of Soufriere and Scotts Heads, Gallion is, as one resident said, in the ‘gel van’ (mouth of the wind) and can be exposed to high winds. The community felt the full brunt of Chantal as it made its way through the Caribbean.

Once safely inside, Delsol and her family occasionally peeped through the windows to see what was going on outside. “We could not open the door since the wind was so strong,” she recounted. “So we had to peep through the window to see what going on outside.”

Around 12:30 her sister started shouting, “look somebody roof go, look somebody roof go.”

“I myself started wondering whose roof and asking whose roof that went,” Delsol stated.

When she looked in the direction of her house, what greeted her eyes filled her with despair.

“When I looked, I saw my roof all gone and my heart just sank,” she stated haltingly. “I have been living in the house for almost three years now and it is my house.”

Delsol remarked that after the winds had died down, she went to survey the damage and felt completely helpless. “My mattress, the children’s mattress and furniture all got wet,” she stated.

Joseph surveys the damage to his home

Joseph surveys the damage to his home

Further up the road, another resident who only wanted to be identified as Joseph, did not fare better.He lived alone and he told DNO that he was in the process of completing his small dwelling when Chantal came roaring through.

“I got up early and went to the bush,” he explained. “By the time I was on my way back the wind was really picking up. When I got home, this is what I saw.”

Joseph was undaunted by the damage and vowed that he will complete his home. “God gives and God takes,” he said.

Both residents are asking for assistance to get back on their feet.

“I am not working and I have three children, so I definitely going to need some kind of assistance,” Delsol said.

Joseph said one or two sheets of galvanize will go a long way in assisting him. “I don’t really need plenty, you know,” he stated. “If I get couple sheets of galvanize, I can get going again.”

Interior of Delsol's home

Interior of Delsol’s home

Delsol's home from the outside

Delsol’s home from the outside