Matt Peltier (right) with Dr. Dale Dangleben

Popular talk show host and radio personality, Matthias Peltier Jr., has received a Humanitarian Award for his efforts in using his shows to assist sick people in Dominica receive medical attention.

Peltier who is the host of ‘The Hot Seat’ and ‘Talk on the Block’ on Q- 95 received that award from the Caribbean Health Awareness Group, an initiative by Dominican Dr. Dale Dangleben, during a medical and health discussion held at the Dominica Public Service Union(DPSU) Building on Wednesday evening.

For years Peltier had used his talk shows to raise money to help those in need of medical attention overseas.

“Well it’s obvious that Matt has been working for many years in his journalistic capacity to get help for a lot of sick people in Dominica,” Dangleben told DNO in an interview on Thursday. “He has helped a lot of people seek help elsewhere, so we felt that he deserved such an award.”

He said Peltier deserves the award for the number of people he has assisted through the years.

“Dominica observes many of its citizens for whatever reason, but we felt, the Caribbean Health Awareness Group felt that he deserved that award for the number of people that he has helped,” he stated.

Dr. Dangleben called on Dominicans to come together and to be each other’s keeper, “to do good whenever we can and that is the ultimate message.”

Peltier told DNO that he is grateful for the recognition and the award.

“I have been helping the unfortunate and needy for many years and will continue to so,” he stated.

He said through the years he has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to assist sick people through his radio talk shows.

“I am grateful for the support of Dominicans from all sides of the political fence who come forward all the time to give all the time,” he said. “Don’t do it for honor but with honor.”

He was also grateful to the Caribbean Health Awareness Group which gave him the honor and for continuing to promote health issues in the Caribbean.