Bannis-Roberts with UN Chief Ban Ki-moon

Bannis-Roberts with UN Chief Ban Ki-moon

The National Labour Women Organisation, the Women’s Arm of the Dominica Labour Party joins the rest of Dominica in congratulating Her Excellency Mrs. Loreen Bannis- Roberts on her appointment as Dominica’s Ambassador to the UN.

It is indeed an honor to be associated with such a woman of substance as she joins the ranks of the other phenomenal Dominican women holding prestigious positions on the international front .

One woman’s success should be every woman’s success and every woman especially in The Commonwealth of Dominica and in the wider region should be proud of Her Excellency’s recent achievement.

Her Excellency’s contribution to her community and country esp the women whose lives she has impacted positively, during her interactions with them cannot go unnoticed as she has served in different capacities leading up to her present appointment

We in the National Labour Women Organisation wish her well at this time and in her future endeavors. We pray that her thoughts, words and actions will be guided by God’s grace, as she plays her part in enhancing the quality of life of the people of the Commonwealth of Dominica but more specifically the women, esp. the rural women whom we are sure hold a special place in her heart

We say Thank You to her Excellency for her immeasurable contribution to the people of the Commonwealth of Dominica, and we wish her God’s continued blessings.