Gregoire is in critical condition at hospital

Gregoire is in critical condition at hospital

Relatives of a bus driver, Jeffrey Gregoire, a resident of Grandbay who was seriously injured during an accident in Antrim on November 9, is seeking assistance from the public for him.

He is now in critical condition at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

Gregoire was the driver of a bus carrying British visitors who arrived on island onboard P&O Cruise Lines, Azura that morning.

The accident claimed the life of one female visitor while several others were injured.

A family member told Dominica News Online (DNO) on Friday that Gregoire is presently a patient at the Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH), is in a critical condition and needs blood.

“Right now we are seeking blood donors,” the family member said. “The more the merrier since he supposed to do surgery next week and they have already extended so much of their blood to him with none from us.”

She said Gregoire is breathing with assistance from a machine.

“He is fighting,” she said.

Gregoire also requires $12,000 to assist with leg surgery which has become a matter of urgency since his last scan.

“The metal for his leg cost $12, 000,” the family member revealed.

Gregoire’s relatives and friends are said to be holding on and praying for his recovery.

Persons who are willing to assist are asked to contact 1-767-316-8863.