(left) North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un and South Korean President Moon Jae-In embrace in historic and symbolic move

Onlookers watched in astonishment on Friday as North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un, invited South Korean president Moon Jae-in into North Korea across the demilitarized zone that has separated the two Koreas for almost 70 years. The showy and off-script move caused audible gasps and followed a similarly symbolic and scripted invitation from Moon, the South Korean president hesitated for only a few seconds before accepting.

This summit of the Korea’s was already historic for many reasons including this being the first meeting of the leaders of North and South Korea since the Korean war, with today’s events only adding even more incredible moments.

In separate speeches from Kim Jung Un and Moon Jae-in both announced their intention to sign a long awaited peace treaty and vowed to denuclearized the entire Korean peninsula. While direct military hostilities ended in 1953 when an armistice was signed between the north and south the two countries have still been technically at war. North Korea has also amped-up its missile and nuclear program in recent years appearing to take a more aggressive militaristic stance. Today’s historic announcement has seemingly changed that, although no details or time schedule on the denucleasization efforts have been given or even what the two countries even mean by denuclearization. Additionally, any formal treaty would need to involve both the USA and China who were participants in the Korean conflict.