The flag of Serbia

The flag of Serbia

Steps have been made to strengthen diplomatic relations between Dominica and the Republic of Serbia.

This as Ambassador designate of Serbia to Dominica, Marina Petravic, presented her credentials to the President of Dominica, Eluid Williams, on Wednesday.

“Since our courtiers established diplomatic relations in 2010, these relations have been very cordial and we have had a focus on education. It is my expectation that during your term in office, you will work to continue to strengthen these relations…” President Williams said.

He also indicated that Dominica will also seek to use the resources and expertise of the Republic of Serbia in the areas of energy, capacity building and training.

“I notice you are very strong in the areas of generic drug procurement and information technology. These are all areas which would be of interest to use,” he said.

Meantime, Petravic said she is pleased to assist in strengthening relations between Dominica and Serbia.

Serbia is a country located in central Europe.