Joseph (l) and Boston (r) appear to have interpretations of their communication on the matter

Both parties have given their sides of the story but it is still unclear as to where the truth lies in a controversy of “he said, he said” between the Dominica Broadcasting Corporation (DBS) and the Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) over the live broadcast of the DFP’s recently-held delegates conference.

The then DFP General Secretary, Johnson Boston, during the opening remarks at the conference, took DBS Radio to task for not carrying the event live. He explained that while both Q-95 FM Radio and Kairi FM had agreed to a request from the DFP for live coverage, DBS had not responded positively.

“We have here carrying live Q-95 FM Radio and Kairi FM. We try our very best to engage all three radio stations, because as a party we have never had any issue with the media and therefore we got a swing around by DBS and also its manager,” Boston revealed.

Boston said he made several calls to DBS to have the convention carried live, however, he was told that the party had to make available the address of the guest speaker.

He pointed out that, in his experience, no guest speaker will present a copy of their address before it is delivered.“But nevertheless, I never found the manager of DBS, Cecil Joseph, to tell him what we thought,” he explained. “He called me and I said we are having a meeting and we would get back to him.”

Joseph should just admit that he faltered and move on, the DFP official stated.

“I am very disappointed in Cecil and I think he should own up to his responsibility and be a big man and talk the truth,” Boston argued.

However, Manager of DBS, Cecil Joseph, during a radio interview this week, attempted to debunk Boston’s accusation saying his statements were “not totally true.”

“Mr. Boston called me on Wednesday [August 2], when he called me he couldn’t find me, I returned his call,” he explained. “When I returned his call he said to me that he would like DBS to carry the Delegates Convention. I then said to him that we have already made plans to carry live the Trafalgar event.”

Joseph continued, “I said to him, let me speak to the people of Trafalgar, because it (the DFP delegates conference) is an important event,  according to him, so we are going to try our best to see if we can carry it for him.”

Joseph explained that he had a choice between splitting frequency of 88.1 and 89.5 and carry the event in Trafalgar on either of the frequencies and also give the Freedom Party the opportunity to have their convention carried live.

“I then discussed with some persons from Trafalgar I told them there is another event,” he stated. “As a matter of fact I also told him [Boston] the amount of money we were getting from Trafalgar and he told me it’s going to be for about 2 hours, so I told him I will get back in touch with him.”

Joseph mentioned also that he spoke to Boston the following day [Thursday] and told him that a decision had been made to carry the DFP conference live.

“I gave him certain conditions,” he noted.  “I said to him, Boston I know that you are aware of the Freedom Party conditions in payment to DBS Radio, because there has been a condition from way back 1997 where the Freedom Party owed DBS Radio certain amount of monies and so management at the time who made it a condition for the Freedom Party that they would have to make payments of previous balances that they have which they have not cleared.”

He explained further that he told Boston the Freedom Party would have to make that payment available to Dominica Broadcasting Corporation, “and upon that we can discuss”

“He said no problem to me,” Joseph stressed.

Joseph made it clear that he was not going to block the Freedom Party from having their Delegates Convention carried live.

“I will never do that,” he stated. “That is not in me…”

However, Boston, who is now the newly-elected Chairman of the DFP, has countered Joseph’s explanation by stressing that if DBS had really intended to provide live coverage of the DFP event, Joseph would have responded to the several telephone calls that he, Boston, made to Joseph on the matter.