A section of the Kalinago Territory about a month after Hurricane Maria

The Kalinago Territory has benefited from a fund-raising concert organized by a number of musicians in Martinique in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

The event was held three weeks ago and a check of €5,652 has been presented to MP and Minister for Kalinago Affairs, Casius Darroux by Mark Frampton, Honorary Consul resident in Martinique.

Darroux said 95 percent of homes in the Kalinago Territory were totally damaged and the money will go towards rebuilding homes for senior citizens.

“I want to heartfully thank the people of Martinique for coming to our assistance after the passage of Maria,” he stated. “We are all aware of the devastation caused to the entire country but the Kalinago community suffered quite a bit of the effect of Maria.”

He noted the process of rebuilding has begun and the funds will be of great assistance.

“One of the main purposes of this check sir, the monies will be used to help to pay for labours, for individuals who are building homes for the senior citizens in the Kalinago Territory,” he remarked.

Darroux also thanked all the musicians who organized and staged the concert.

“I want to thank them for selecting the Kalinago community as one of those beneficiaries of the concert that they held to help raise funds post-Maria,” he said.

Darroux shakes hand with Frampton at the presentation