Sam Raphael speaking at the Diaspora Forum (Video screen shot)

Developer of the new Jungle Bay Resort now being constructed in the Soufriere area, Sam Raphael, says when the facility reopens in 2019, it will bigger and better.

“We are opening for business in 2019, far more resilient, a little over twice the size that we were before; going to  employ way more than we did before. The feed back on it, it’s just been phenomenal,” Raphael stated at a government-organized Diaspora Forum recently.

He said there were some “tremendous, high-powered people” involved.

“We have the second highest ranking Buddhist official in the world. He has a congregation of over 100 million people. The Karmapa Lama is also bringing in a number of people to do retreats at Jungle Bay and those are just two examples of some of the CBI citizens,” Raphael said. “So, it’s not just the money we’re going after. Again..they are Dominicans by CBI. You are Dominicans by the womb, by birth or by marriage. All Dominicans, we are the assets of this country and it’s about bringing us together and doing something about your country.”

Raphael decided to build the new resort at Morne Acouma in the southern part of Soufriere after the original Jungle Bay Resort which was located in Delices on the eastern coast of the island, was severely damaged by Tropical Storm Erika in August 2015.

The new Jungle Bay Resort will include about 120 villa suites and in terms of buildings, there will be 60 of them where guests will stay. There will also be an inside and outdoor restaurant that hosts about 150 people.

The project is being funded under the Citizenship by Investment (CBI) programme .