north-east-comprehensive-3 As part of The International World Food Day Celebrations, the Agricultural Science and Food and Nutrition Department of the N.E.C.S organized a typical display of local food items. This was in an effort to sensitize students and staff of the range of locally grown foods; also students are being encouraged to consume foods grown locally.

All the food items on display were procured from the school garden and from students.

Following the exhibition of the food items, there was a sale of the items to staff and students. In former years, when the Marigot Hospital was fully operational, the food items used to be donated to that institution.


north-east-comprehensive-4Also, this year with the passage of Hurricane Matthew and the devastation suffered by Haiti, the school has organized a special “Yes We Can Drive.” Students and staff were asked to contribute canned items to be donated to Haiti.

This is viewed as important since the school has a significant number of Haitian students; some of who, whose families in Haiti were affected by Hurricane Matthew.

The school takes the opportunity to extend thanks to all the parents who contributed in this venture.