The question of security has been on the minds of friends and family of Dominicans since the passage of Hurricane Maria. Davidson Valerie Deputy Chief of Police of the Dominica Police Force took to the podium today to reassure the public about the measures which the Police have and are continuing to take to curtail any chaos and ensure the safety of citizens and property.

Valerie asked members of the public to cooperate with the police in the matter of curfew hours which, although reduced, are still in effect from 10 PM-5 AM. He also broached the topic of recovered stolen goods from various communities, asserting that the search and recovery of stolen items will continue and those responsible will be brought to justice.

The Deputy Police Chief also gave word on the general conditions of the police stations, reporting that police officers are being provided for and that the DPF is trying their best. He expressed confidence that the officers are equal to the task at hand.

Full video below: