Uncivilized is documentary about Hurricane Maria by Michael Lees

On December 2nd, The Waitukubuli Artist Association (WAA) launched its very first online art auction in support of the upcoming Dominican documentary, Uncivilized, by twenty-six year old Michael Lees.
Six original works by Dominican artists are up for auction to the public until 9 pm Sunday Dec 9th. The auction can be found on WAA’s Facebook page, www.facebook.com/WaituKubuliArtistAssociation, with bidding taking place directly on Facebook.
Lowell Royer, president of the Waitukubuli Artist Association, said he is excited that his association can support local film-making.
“Michael is a cool dude. He strikes me as a mixture of a surfer and an artist. It’s always exciting when someone steps out of the norm and does something daring and Michael is doing just that with his Uncivilized film. Nothing grips you more than the documentation of a real life experience, done in a creative way, and from the trailer of Uncivilized, I can tell that it will be a film to remember. A proud and active member of WAA Inc, he has our full support and even after being one of the first to help fund Uncivilized, I was intrigued at the idea of an online art auction guaranteed to bring instant gratification to all who would contribute and participate. It’s a win-win-win-win: Win for the highest bidder, win for Michael, win for WAA Inc and most importantly a win for Dominica.”
Uncivilized is a search for what really matters in life, a journey which sees Michael set out to the forest in search of “the good life” only to be faced with the wrath of Hurricane Maria three months in. The film subsequently follows the island’s collective story of survival post-Maria.
Uncivilized is currently in its final week of crowdfunding. To see the trailer, contribute, or learn more about the project visit www.seedandspark.com/fund/uncivilized.