Pastor Dave Serrant

Pastor Dave Serrant of the Deliverance Baptiste Church in Goodwill has called on public servants to put their Christian beliefs into practice and work together in order to move Dominica forward.

Serrant was delivering a sermon and final blessing during the Dominica Public Service Ecumenical Thanksgiving Service held at the PSU Building on Monday.

The service formed part of Public Service Day observance under the theme: “Building a Resilient Public Service – A Collective  Response.”

“Because we are talking about building a resilient public service… we must all come together to be able to make this thing work and if we are going to pull our weight together for Dominica to go forward, there has to be this one mind, this one spirit that we cry so much for in this country,” Serrant said.

He exhorted the public officers to see Christianity as something that is practical and not just something that’s in their minds.

“It has to be demonstrated, not just in a church setting,” he advised.

He told them that their place of employment is also their point of worship.

“You, as public servants, where you work is also your point of worship,” he said. “And so if you fail to work as you should, you, as an individual, is demonstrating your lack of understanding and lack of participation.”

He made it clear who their real boss is.

“Your boss is God,” Serrant said.

Public Service Day, an initiative which was first conceptualized in 1999, is celebrated biannually within the Public Service and has served as an avenue to promote comradery, social interaction, boost employee morale, and award and recognize Public Officers for their accomplishments throughout the years.

A section of the congregation of public officers