stop sexual abuseThe Dominica Police Force is condemning acts of sexual abuse against young women and minors in Dominica.

Reports shows that in recent times there has been an increase in the number of sexually related incidents on island against young women and boys, particularly those under the age of sixteen (16).

This was also reflected in the cause list for the 2014 September Criminal Assizes which contains a significant number of sexual abuse cases.

Police Public Relations Officer (PRO), Assistant Superintendent Claude Weekes, told Dominica News Online (DNO) last week that young women and minors including boys must be protected from those who prey or take advantage of them.

“Our children are being traumatized and destroyed by this people who take advantage of them. They may become nervous wrecks if they are not properly counseled and guided accordingly, and off course the police force along with others we are all responsible to nurture and protect our children, particularly the family institution,” he said.

He urged families not to shirk its their responsibility, “We have to supervise our children, and we have to say no sexually related offenses and the abuse of our children as well as drugs….So we call on parents and families, civil groups, schools the church… and other relevant authorities to come together to sing with one voice from the same hymn sheet to bring the walls of sexual abuse and assault on our children in our country.”

According to Weekes, the police will not sit idle, but continue to go after the perpetrators to ensure that they can be dealt with swiftly in the courts of law adding that it is high time young people are protected.

“Particularly the women who are beating their children and saying that they are not speaking the truth, when they come to say either their father or step father has assaulted them sexually or otherwise and humiliated them and marginalize them…we are indeed condemning and renouncing this kind of behavior.”