Linton said the UWP will be hosting two public meetings

The opposition United Workers Party will be hosting two public meetings on Thursday after the party was denied a march through Roseau which was organized for that same day.

The first meeting will be held at the Pottersville Hard Court at 5:00 pm while the other will be held in Lagoon at 7:00 pm, opposition leader Lennox Linton has revealed.

The UWP had planned the march through Roseau as it continues to call for the resignation of Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit and had written to the Chief of Police, Daniel Carbon, for permission as dictated by the Constitution of Dominica.

However, in a letter, Carbon said permission was not granted.

“Be informed that pursuant to Section 5 (2) Public Order Act No. 501 of the Laws of Dominica, 1990 permission to hold a march on March 30, 2017 from 4:00 pm is denied for public safety and national security reasons,” the letter from Carbon to the UWP said.

Linton said the letter was dated March 24 but it was received by the UWP on March 27, just days before the march was expected to take place.

He described Carbon’s decision as ‘dictatorial’ and ‘brutal.’

“What Mr. Carbon is saying to us is that he believes and the National Security Minister has advised him, under the direction of the Prime Minister, that the peaceful march we planned on the 30th of March in Roseau from 5:00 o’clock to 6:30 or there about has created for them some concerns of public safety and some national security issues have come up as well having regard to a march,” he stated. “As though we have never marched in Dominica before, as though there has never been a procession of people from point A to point B. This is dictatorial, it’s brutal and we move on.”

He said the UWP is required under the laws of Dominica to have permission from the police to hold a march, which was “unreasonably” denied.

“But we are a law-abiding group, we will go on with our business and we will have two meetings,” Linton stated.

According to the laws of Dominica, one does not require permission from the police to hold a public meeting.