Assistant General Secretary of the Dominica Labour Party Felix Thomas has described as “a waste of effort” calls for the Marigot constituents to boycott the Dominica Labour Party candidate.

Former Chairman of the Constituency Association of the DLP in Marigot Harold Tyson has called for a boycott of the July 9 by-elections.

He said he and other members of the constituency were not supportive of the DLP candidate Dayton Baptiste.

But Thomas said the DLP has always operated as a solid block, “organised and well structured and there is no reason for such an action”.

Thomas said Tyson’s statements should be ignored and persons should go out and vote in favour of the DLP at the by elections.

“For anyone to call on a boycott is ridiculous. The party has a candidate in place and now Labourites and UWPites should go out and put their mark and support the DLP. They should play a full role of ensuring that the candidate is elected whether it’s their choice of candidate or not.” Thomas said that a vote for Baptiste is a vote for the DLP.

“The people of Marigot should realize that the UWP has disrespected them and taken their vote for granted,” he added.

“They need to ensure that the next time around they will have proper representation in parliament.”