Public Works Minister Rayburn Blackmoore has questioned statements about an alleged assassination threat on United Workers Party (UWP) President and former Prime Minister Edison James.

James told party supporters at a public meeting this week that his life is being threatened and there are plans to assassinate him. But Blackmoore said James should not be taken seriously.

“I spoke to the acting police chief and deputy police chief and they have informed me that Edison James has not made any report to the police about the alleged assassination plot. It tells you how reckless how these guys can be,” Blackmoore said.

He said James and other members of the United Workers Party realize that they cannot “beat” the Dominica Labour Party hence the reason “for such reckless statements”.

Blackmoore ended his statement by saying that James’ comments are “disgusting”.

Prime Minister Skerrit has ordered a full investigation into the alleged assassination plot.