Edison James

United Workers Party Executive has re-elected Edison James as its new political leader.
Sixty-eight year old James, who has been serving as the president of that party for three years, replaces Ron Green who served for three years as UWP political leader.

James told the UWP’s 22nd Delegates Convention in LaPlaine on Sunday moments after the announcement that he is ready to lead the party into successful general elections whenever it is called.

“I have decided to give up on this function as political leader but you have enthusiastically invited me to serve once more. There is no reluctance on my part to put everything that I have into implementing these functions”.

“I want to thank the immediate past leader for the work he has done in leading us over the last several years. I want also to say that it was my privilege to serve as president of your party,” he said.

James said he is also “totally” committed to the cause to bring about the change that is necessary for Dominica’s forward movement.  He said.“Our country must move from a position in which we have been made to be beggars. We welcome aid but we must put greater emphasis on self reliance,”

Responding to those who have been complaining that James is old and has expired, he said “they said that I am like a ripe banana. But I say to those people that in your happiness, this brain in here might be sixty eight years old, but the waist is strong. Don’t test me,”

Former parliamentary opposition leader Hector John is now the new Deputy leader, with Brian Linton Public Relations Officer.

The UWP’s new president is Ezekiel Bazil, Assistant Secretary Christabelle Auguiste and Treasurer Lambert Charles.

Former UWP Leader Ron Green was elected as a trustee.