Members of the UWP team visiting China

The leader of the United Workers Party (UWP), Lennox Linton has sought to offer some clarification of the party’s trip to China, saying it is having discussions with the ruling Communist Party in China about party to party relations.

Speaking on Q95’s “Talk on the Block” on Friday afternoon, he said the party is not involved in state to state discussion of any kind.

Linton who is heading a seven-member UWP delegation to Beijing at the invitation of the Communist Party of China said his party has nothing to hide or keep any secret about any mission or assignment of this nature.

“We are a very progressive team of people, we are here for specific reasons, we are here at the invitation of the ruling Communist Party of China having discussions about party to party relations,” he said. “We are not involved in the state to state discussions which are driven by the ruling party in China and the Government of Dominica under the diplomatic relation they have.”

According to him, the party members are talking with the ruling party about things that can be done together, “party-to-party as we try to move the agenda of advancing Dominica, and advancing China and all the nations of the world.”

Linton said both parties are looking at areas of common interests, “and things that we can do together as political parties.”

He went on to say that the party had some wonderful discussions with officials of the Chinese ruling party on very important and very significant matters.

He also stated that for the last 13 years Dominica has benefited significantly in development assistance from China.

“Going forward we would like to see a greater emphasis as we have indicated on development assistance from China…,” he stated. “We have our own ideas about how assistance we can get from China, assistance we can get from other countries in the world that can more effectively benefit Dominica, and that is where we are.”

Linton stated that the UWP intends to make public everything that is being done in China.

“We had every intention of disclosing what we are doing down there,” he remarked.

The team comprises Lennox Linton, Ezekiel Bazil, Joshua Francis, Hector John, Danny Lugay, Felix Thomas and former UN Ambassador Crispin Gregoire.