Linton said the DLP has violated the Election Code of Conduct

Linton said the DLP has violated the Election Code of Conduct

Leader of the United Workers Party (UWP) Lennox Linton is calling on the Dominica Christian Council to intervene in the ongoing election campaign, saying that he is being mis-quoted by leader of the Dominica Labour Party (DLP), prime minister, Roosevelt Skerrit.

“I am asking the Christian Council to intervene and to ask Mr [Roosevelt] Skerrit to stop saying what I have not said,” Linton stated in a release on Thursday. “When I quote Mr Skerrit, I quote him correctly.”

Recently the UWP and the DLP signed an Election Code of Conduct with the Christian Council and the Dominica Association of Evangelical Churches.

Proponents of the code said it is meant to provide moral and spiritual guidance to both parties on a free and fair election and one that’s free from fear.

The political parties pledged to among other things, avoid character assassination, half truths and misrepresentations.

But according to Linton, Skerrit has been mis-quoting him

“Mr Skerrit has to stop saying what I have not said…when is that going to end? Mr Skerrit can just get up in the morning and say, Lennox is going to stop this and stop that,” he noted.

He said the DLP has violated the code since it was signed through a “steady campaign” of bashing the UWP candidates.

“Since the signing of the code all they, the Labour Party, have done is to bash United Workers Party candidates in violation of the Code of Conduct,” he noted. “And we are waiting to hear what the Christian Council has to say about that. what we are hearing is not encouraging. The Christian Council knows who is driving mepuis, hate and prejudice in Dominica. They know the platform from which they are hearing all of the foolishness, all of the nonsense, all the demonization and denigration.”

He stated that the Council continues to refer to the violations as though they were coming from politicians from both sides of the political divide.

“But we are not involved in that,” Linton stated.