Darroux (left), Williams

Darroux (left), Williams

United Workers Party (UWP) hopeful for the St. Joseph constituency, Monel Williams, has expressed disappointment in pronouncements made by MP for the area, Kelver Darroux, over a statement made by UWP leader, Lennox Linton.

Speaking on Kairi’s Next Level program earlier this week Darroux had challenged Williams to tell the people of St. Joseph whether she supports Linton, who is reported to have said that some of the beneficiaries of government’s social programs are not needy but greedy.

“I want to challenge her,” Darroux said. “She said that she is rising but let me see you rise now, Monel, and tell the people of St. Josepsh whether you support the statement made by Lennox Linton that the elderly citizens are prostituting themselves, that they are greedy.”

According to Darroux, there is a blind lady in St. Joseph who is to benefit from a house, courtesy of the government. “Are you going to say that she is greedy? This blind lady in St. Joseph, Monel?,” he stated. “You said you are rising, so rise now and tell the people of St. Joseph…so you want to rise, now is your chance to rise…”

But speaking on Q95 on Thursday, Williams said she is disappointed in Darroux, pointing out that Linton’s statement was misconstrued.

“This is what he (Linton) said, he said the prime minister and the Dominica Labour Party are taking from the needy and giving to the greedy,” she said. “We are not saying the greedy people are the ones who are benefiting because they are less fortunate, what we are saying is the greedy people are those who have mansions…”

Williams pointed out that over the past four and the half years, Darrroux has built a house for one individual and he is “celebrating this as if you have built a mansion for this individual.”

“Granted it is a good thing but he needs to get out of that,” Williams stated.

She pointed out that she will rise, “not to build one house in St. Joseph or put a housing scheme and talk about low cost houses at $140,000.”

“This is not what I will rise for,” she said. “I will rise for the people of St. Joseph who are less fortunate and they won’t have to depend on the government to take care of them. We will provide jobs so they can take care of themselves Mister Darroux.”

The UWP hopeful also said is ready “any day” to take on Darroux in a debate.