Former Prime Minister and Parliamentary Representative for Marigot Edison James says the United Workers Party will not participate in any general election without the availability of voter ID cards and a cleaning up of the voters list.

James told a United Workers Party (UWP) meeting last night that the citizens of the country have been speaking for way to long on the matter and now is the time to act.

“I want you to take this very seriously. Some people are asking if they call elections without the ID cards and cleaning up the list what would we do. We say there will be no election without identification,” he said.

James said it is not necessary for the Dominica Labor Party “to put the country in the turmoil that it is to call elections without ID cards”.

James has also advised party supporters to act.

“We will go back and having seen the numbers here tonight…take this crowd seriously because if we can’t get what we want, we will act,” James said.