From left: Astaphan, Linton, James, Skerrit

From left: Astaphan, Linton, James, Skerrit

Prime minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, and Senior Counsel, Tony Astaphan, have both scoffed at the idea that talk show host and journalist, Lennox Linton, will be taking over the helm of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP).

Astaphan described Linton as a man “who has failed in the front line” while Skerrit said he does not feel threatened by any leadership change in the UWP.

On Monday, Member of Parliament for Marigot, Edison James, made it official that he will not be seeking re-election in the next general election and also said that he will be giving up his role as political leader of the UWP.

James said he would support Linton, who is being considered for the role of the party’s political leader.

At a press conference last week, even before James’ official announcement, Skerrit said he does not feel threatened by any move in the UWP’s leadership structure pointing out that he was able to defeat the party at the last general election.

According to Skerrit at that time Ron Green, Claudius Sanford and James were all leaders of the party, yet they were defeated by the Labour Party.  He said the same thing is going to happen at the next poll, no matter who leads the UWP.

“Whether it is Lennox Linton … it could be Ronnie Isidore, it could be (Claudius) Sanford and so forth, anyone of them is six and half a dozen,” he said. “They are all the same.”

Astaphan said on the Next Level program on Kairi FM on Tuesday night, that Linton had failed to provide a winning momentum for the UWP although “he was on the radio every single day for the 2000 and 2005 elections.”

He noted during that time the Labor Party actually increased its majority in terms of the popular vote and seats in parliament.

“The party has now decided to put a man that has led the campaign for the United Workers Party on the radio for approximately 13 years … and you take this man who has failed on the front line to produce a winning strategy, a winning momentum to enable the United Workers Party to have some success,” he said. “In fact between 2005 and 2009 when he was at his most venomous on Q95 the UWP lost 4,000 votes.”

“So I am saying, why him?” Astaphan queried.