Nicolas Maduro

Nicolas Maduro

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has offered his personal as well as official congratulations to Venezuela’s newly elected President, Nicolas Maduro on his recent victory at the polls, calling it “well deserved”.

“In many respects, this has brought closure to the process of rejuvenating Venezuela and Venezuelans, following the loss of your late revered leader, President Hugo Chavez,” the prime minister wrote in a letter to Maduro.

Calling Chavez a true visionary, the Prime Minister noted that Chavez endorsed Maduro to lead the influential South American nation prior to his untimely death.

Prime Minister Skerrit is known to have enjoyed a close personal relationship with President Chavez.

“The Government and people of the Commonwealth of Dominica stand in solidarity with you and your new administration. We are committed to working in furtherance of the policies and philosophy for Venezuelan and hemispheric development, as enunciated by the late leader and yourself over the years,” Skerrit wrote.

He noted that ALBA and Petro Caribe have withstood “the test of time and have been a marked success in building regional unity and cooperation” and said Dominica will continue to support these initiatives.

“We look forward to working with your new administration in the creation of new efforts at strengthening historic bonds of friendship and cooperation between Venezuela and sister nations in this region,” he said.

The prime minister said he is happy to welcome Maduro into the ‘council of leaders.’ “At the personal level, I am elated to welcome you to the council of leaders of the region. I have worked very closely with you over the past four years and I am fully aware and appreciative of the vast knowledge and skills that you bring to the region at this crucial period in our development,” he wrote.

Maduro won 50.8 percent of votes in the election held last Sunday while his rival Henrique Capriles grabbed 49.0 percent.

The inauguration of President Maduro is scheduled for 19 April.

On Wednesday the US said it has not yet decided whether to recognize Maduro as the elected president of Venezuela.