Linton (left), Henderson

Local talk show host Lennox Linton has called on the Roosevelt Skerrit government to recall their Ambassador to the United Nations (UN).

The Government of Dominica appointed former Parliamentary Representative for St. Joseph and Foreign Affairs Minister Vince Henderson to the position of Ambassador/Permanent Representative of the Commonwealth of Dominica to the United Nations in New York.

But Linton told a gathering recently that Henderson is not only costing the state close to $1-million a year, but he says Henderson has failed to effectively represent Dominica at the UN.

“Henderson has been charged with the responsibility of helping in the advancement of global civilization. That is the sacred duty of Henderson but he doesn’t go to meetings, he doesn’t vote, he is not participating in the work of UN Committee coming out of the general assembly,” Linton asserted.

According to Linton there is no evidence that Henderson voted on any committee matters coming out of the 2010 UN General Assembly.

“He is costing us over a quarter million dollars a year and we cannot get service from our UN Ambassador. If we cannot have the work of the country done as the work of the country is suppose to be done at the UN by a permanent representative, then recall the permanent representative, shut down the mission in the US and spend our money to give us better health care in Dominica. Simple as that,” Linton stated.

Henderson assumed his new position on March 1, 2010.