EDITOR’S NOTE: The following article is a press release from Dr. Emanuel Finn.

Washington DC-based and former U.S. Senate Congressional Fellow Dr. Emanuel Finn, who hails from La Plaine, says that the ugly events that have received so much attention involving Dominica’s Minister of Education, and MP for La Plaine, Mr. Petter St. Jean, and a village man, are unfortunate, disappointing, disturbing and disheartening.

According  to Dr. Finn, equally disturbing are the alleged actions of a  heavily armed squad  of SSU police officers who surrounded the man’s house  in the early morning hours of  January 12th and  ordered his wife outside  while she was dressing for work and proceeded to search and ransacked the house without producing a warrant.

Dr. Finn says, ‘that there have always been accommodation, co-existence and tolerance of politicians, political parties, their supporters and sympathizers in his beautiful, peaceful  and scenic southeastern community which nestles between Morne Governear and the rugged Atlantic coastline.  Dr. Finn goes to on say that since the  general elections a year ago  in which  some eighty (80) Diaspora Dominicans were airlifted to vote in that constituency  enabling  Labour Party’s St. Jean to  win by two (2) votes, La Plaine has  been a  flash  point and a hot bed of  rising political tensions.’

Dr. Finn contents that the alleged police actions in La Plaine and another situation which occurred last year where a government minister allegedly ordered the Mahaut police to detain a man, have cause people to loose respect for the once heralded police department.  If it appears and the population believes that the police take actions on the demands, requests and on behalf of government ministers, then the rule of law and the law of rule may have to be seriously questioned. These are pressing and urgent allegations that the Police High Command should address to help restore the force’s credibility as a professional and fair cornerstone institution in a democratic Dominica.

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