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The United Workers Party (UWP) has appointed its former Roseau North candidate Danny Lugay as a senator in parliament.

Lugay replaces UWP candidate for the Salybia constituency Claudius Sanford, who is pursuing a Master’s Degree overseas.

His appointment came this morning at the start of the Second Meeting of the Second Session of the Eighth Parliament.

Danny Lugay had contested the Roseau North seat and lost it to the incumbent Julius Timothy was sworn in today.

“Madame Speaker, I know Mr. Lugay for 16 years and Senator Lugay is a spiritual man, family man, a man of value and integrity and this is why he was nominated to be a senator and he was sworn in as a senator today,” Leader of the Opposition Hector John Said.

John also urged the new senator to be a servant of the people.

“I would like to ask of my good friend and colleague Mr. Lugay to respect the constitution of the commonwealth of Dominica, do not use the resources of the commonwealth of Dominica to enrich himself. To not get involved into fraudulent activities, to remember that you are accountable to the people of Dominica,” he said.

He said Lugay must remember to be a servant of the people and not their master.

“We want men of integrity, men who are transparent and men who will respect the constitution of Dominica,” he added.

Shortly after the appointment members of the UWP walked out of Parliament.

However this did not go down well with Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit.

“We saw here Madam Speaker the swearing in of a senator who came just to get his name registered on the pay roll. So he can get his salary at the end of the month. I mean, we keep asking Madam Speaker, how many public and indeed private sector citizens can go to work, clock in, and clock out at the same time and get paid. The guys come here knowing full well that they’re coming in to clock in and clock out. To get a salary,” he said.

Meantime Leader of the UWP Ron Green says he is confident the newly sworn in Senator Danny Lugay will inject honor and pride in Parliament.

Green told parliament that Lugay will be a great asset in the house.

“The responsibility is ours to inject honor and pride in this house, the primary burden is on the shoulders of those across the aisle who lead now,” he said.

According to Green, “Lugay will deepen this parliament’s awareness for the need for a fully democratic parliament.”