Lennox Linton

UWP leader, Lennox Linton

Leader of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP), Lennox Linton, has called on Charles Savarin to “do the right thing and withdraw from the presidency” of Dominica.

Earlier this week Savarin resigned as a government minister and senator to pave the way for his nomination to be head of state.

He is government’s third nominee for the post.

“The constitutional crisis into which we have been plunged yet again is worsened by the truth and fact that Savarin’s record as an incurable and destructively hostile partisan, intolerant of indifferent views and violently against to the right of opposing political parties to exist, makes him totally unfit and improper person to serve as president of Dominica,” Linton said at a UWP press conference on Friday.

He labelled that decision to appoint Savarin as president of Dominica as “atrocious advice that consistently makes a mockery of the constitution and seeks to condemn its provisions as farcical.”

The UWP leader also called for the “immediate resignation of the government’s chief legal advisor attorney General Levi Peter.”

Linton warned that his party will not take that decision to have Savarin as president of Dominica and called on him to “withdraw from this unconstitutional bid to have him installed as president which has outraged Dominicans throughout the length and breadth of the country and pushed the government and presidency further into disrepute.”

Asked what action is being contemplated by the UWP Linton said, “protest, court and more” but assured that whatever action taken will be in “accordance with the laws of the country.”

He has also called on “all citizens of Dominica to speak out against that move…be you red, blue or green, we want you to condemn that move to have Charles Savarin installed as president of Dominica.”