Opposition leader Hector John has said the Opposition’s full participation in the House of Assembly in 2012 depends on the response of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit to a request for Electoral Reform.

The Opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has not been participating fully in Parliament following the December 2009 General Elections which they claimed was plagued with corruption.

However John told an interview with the media that the recommendations for ID Cards for general elections have been echoed by the Organization of the American States (OAS) and the Chief Election Officer.

“That is what we are asking the prime minister, to make available the $5.2-million requested by the electoral commission. We will participate in parliament. We want to participate in parliament but no one is asking the prime minister when he is going to make the money available,” he said.

John said for any democracy to work and thrive, a free and fair electoral process is essential.

“Why should this not be a reality? For any democracy to work and thrive, you must have an electoral process that is free and fair. To have an electoral process that is free and fair in this day and age, you must have electoral reform meaning ID cards for voting and cleaning up of the list,” he explained.