Political Leader of the UWP Lennox Linton

The Management Committee of the United Workers Party (UWP) places on record its profound congratulations and commendations to its Political Leader, and Leader of the Parliamentary Opposition Honourable Lennox Linton on his outstanding leadership generally, and in particular his handling of the matter of the Citizenship By Investment Programme (CBI) aired on CBS60 Minutes earlier this month, that is Sunday 1st January, 2017.

Honourable Lennox Linton did a great service to the country by highlighting the absolute need for transparency and accountability in the administration and management of the Commonwealth of Dominica CBI Programme. In this regard Honourable Linton adequately represented the views of the Party as well as a vast majority of the citizens of Dominica.

The Management Committee is especially impressed by Honourable Linton’s continued resolve to stand up for the interest of the ordinary men and women of our country, particularly the need for the resources of the State benefitting all the people, and this in spite of the many threats on his life, that of his family and Party Colleagues. The Committee has full confidence in his ability, knowledge and understanding of issues affecting the Commonwealth of Dominica which he uses in the service of our people.

The management Committee encourages our fellow citizens to join with the UWP in recognizing the outstanding work of Honourable Linton and to give him and his Party your fullest support.