Isaac recently announced he was leaving the UWP

The people who voted Joseph Isaac as Member of Parliament for Roseau Central are now turning their backs on him, wishing him ‘good riddance.’

In a statement, the United Workers Party (UWP) Roseau Central Constituency Association said it is disassociating itself with him and will continue to support the UWP.

In a move that sent shockwaves through the political spectrum, Isaac announced recently that he was quitting the UWP to become an independent member of parliament. He accused the UWP of not acting in the best interest of Dominica and said he was tired of tribal politics.

Within days, Isaac was holding a key ministry in Dominica’s cabinet, after Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit announced that he had been appointed Minister for the Environment, Climate Resilience, Disaster Management and Urban Renewal.

“We the constituents, members and supporters of the UWP Roseau Central Constituency wish to pronounce our unequivocal support and admiration for the leadership of our party, the United Workers Party,” the association said. “We recognize that in recent times there has been a blatant and brandished movement to tarnish and undermine the leadership and support of Dominica’s most potent political force, the UWP. Every ominous effort has been made to buy into the stalwarts and pillars of our party, nonetheless, we recognize this as weak politics, dirty tricks and deserving of the feet.”

It said it is in this spirit “we condemn the sinking sand approach of Joseph Isaac, the ironical, self-proclaimed, independent representative of the Roseau Central Constituency and wish him well and good riddance.”

The association also said it is disassociating itself with statements made at the press conference when Isaac announced his resignation from the UWP.

“We, the Roseau Central Constituency Association of the UWP would like to disassociate ourselves with Mr. Joseph Isaac’s statement made at his press conference held at the stadium on Wednesday, April 4, 2018, with respect to his misrepresentation that he had consulted with us is untrue,” the statement said.

The statement added, “It is with this same undefeated and reinvigorated spirit that we express to our friends supporters and well-wishers around Dominica, the vast silent majority in Dominica and the diaspora who had been subject to extensive fear and intimidation by this acrimonious regime and self serving administration that we stand firm with our party and we remain steadfast and committed to the cause, the principles and policies of the UWP.”

The association also said it is standing behind UWP Political Leader, Lennox Linton.

“Let it be known that we, in Roseau and the environs stand firm with the visionary, patriotic, honest, intelligent and responsible leader, Mr. Linton, who brings national leadership to the table and that of our party,” the statement said.