UWP political leader Edison James

UWP political leader Edison James

Political leader of the United Workers Party, Edison James, said his party will be ready whenever elections are called in Dominica.

At a mass rally on Tuesday night Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, hinted that Dominicans might be going to the polls earlier than the expected time.

General elections are constitutionally due in two years time.

“I urge you to return to your community ladies and gentlemen and begin the work for I want you to tell all and sundry tonight, Skerrit has hinted that it won’t be long,” he said. “So get yourselves ready, get yourselves ready for another five years in government…”

Speaking to DNO on Wednesday, James said the UWP will be ready  whenever the call is made. “Mr. Skerrit can call elections any time he wants,” he pointed out. “We are preparing to contest the elections when the elections are called.”

During his speech Skerrit also stated that for the next general elections he wants results similar to that of the recent polls in Grenada where Dr. Keith Mitchell did a clean sweep of all constituencies. “Keith Mitchell in Grenada is my friend. I love him dearly but I am really jealous of him. Keith has something that I want,” the prime minister said.

But according to James, Skerrit did not think about what he was saying when he used the Grenada example. “If he had given some thought to it he would have known that it was the opposition in Grenada that swept the government’s party from office,” he noted.

He said the government held an 11 to four majority in Grenada’s parliament and the opposition shut them out. “If that is the example he wants to use, well good luck to that,” James remarked.

The political leader said his party will be running an election based on jobs, employment, good governance, among others.

He noted that after Tuesday night’s meeting Dominicans are in no better position than they were before. “After the meeting last night, did any one additional person get a job this morning?” he asked. “After the meeting last night is any Dominican in a better position to have a meal if he wasn’t in that position before? No.”

James said the prime minister did not put the matter of possessing a French passport to rest once and for all. “Mr. Skerrit had the opportunity there last night to have stood in front of the people who were there with him and say ‘ladies and gentlemen I want to reiterate or I want to say to you that I never held a French passport, travel on a French passport as an adult in a way that would disqualify me from being a member of the parliament,'” he noted. “He must say that to the people.”

Because of that James said he believes that Skerrit was illegally nominated for the 2009 general election and remains illegal.