Lennox Linton

Lennox Linton

The nomination of Charles Savarin by the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) government to be president of Dominica is not going down well with the leader of the  United Workers Party (UWP), Lennox Linton, who vowed it is not going to stand.

“This will not stand, this will not be allowed to stand in Dominica,” Linton said on privately-owned Q95 on Thursday morning.

Prime minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, announced on Thursday that Savarin had resigned his ministerial and senatorial positions and is the government’s nominee for president.

But Linton argued that Savarin is not the best person to take on the job as Dominica’s head of state.

“Mr Savarin has demonstrated over the years that he is so uncurably partisan that he simply cannot fit the bill of being an independent, objective, impartial holder of the office of president,” he said.

He noted that Savarin has an affidavit in court where he took objection “to Dave Bruney sitting on the IPO because Dave Bruney hosted a program for the United Workers Party.

“In the same affidavit Charles Savarin is confirming he is a host of the next level program for the Labour Party on Kairi FM,” he said. “And that is the same Charles Savarin who, having argued that partisanship should not come into the IPO, is walking out of the partisan position of being a minister of government, member of the Skerrit cabinet today and walking into the presidency tomorrow.”

According to Linton in the presidency there should be impartiality, a removal from the political fray, an ability to operate above and beyond the cut and thrust of political argument, an ability to heal wounds and resolve conflicts.

He stated Savarin won’t be able fit the bill since he has shown over the years that “the only position he can hold is that of a partisan position.”

“The partisan position that caused him years ago to declare that the people of Dominica should go out, look for Labourites in every nook and cranny in the country, pull them out and deal with them,” Linton said. “The same Charles Savarin that referred to us patriots as Taliban, the same Charles Savarin that has any number of unsavory things to say about the UWP, who had no problems in destroying the Dominica Freedom Party to prevent the UWP from being in the parliament and that is who we expect to go now in the presidency and be fair and impartial?”

Linton did not say what action the UWP will be taking to protest Savarin’s nomination.