Monday, October 9, 2017 – Roseau, Dominica: More people in more places across Dominica are back on the Digicel network following ‘round-the-clock work to restore mobile service since the passage of Hurricane Maria. Customers in Scotts Head, Soufriere and sections of Gallion are among the most recent to once again receive voice and data signals to their devices – enabling them to connect with loved ones and resume business operations.


In the past 2 weeks we have connected numerous communities including Grand Bay, Laudat main Road, Canefield East, Canefield Proper, Massacre Mahaut, Jimmit Portsmouth, Salisbury, Grand Savanne, Castle Comfort, Glasgow, Great George, Layou, Stadium, Canefield, Roseau; Layou in Hilsborough Estate and Fond Cole. The restoration of Digicel sites at Morne Bruce, Portsmouth North and the Stadium has re-established service for customers in Kingshill, sections of Loubiere, Bath Estate, Louisville, sections of Newtown, Lagon, Bay St, Grange, sections of Tan, areas near the Savannah, Elmshall and Paix Bouche.


Whether on the ground or in the sky, Digicel’s army of engineers will continue their work in the full restoration of service to Dominica.