Jamie Parillon receives his Rookie of the Year Award at the ceremony

Jamie Parillon receives his Rookie of the Year Award at the ceremony

Former national footballer, Henry “Babs” Dyer, believes the time is right for an OECS football team to be formed.

Addressing the prize giving ceremony of the Dominica Football Association (DFA) over the weekend Dyer dreams of an “OECS team to take part in Caribbean football and then have an OECS team to the World Cup.”

But he said players need to be good ambassadors and be disciplined.

“The game of football is always bigger than you,” he said. “Bear that in mind, respect authority…those who are in charge, the referee, the captain of your team and players that way we will see a better football played in Dominica, ” he said.

Meantime, president of the DFA Glen Etienne urged players to “recommit” themselves to the sport of football and to take football “back to the glory days. ”

“The DFA cannot do it alone…what the DFA can do is to create the environment for you to flourish and to display your skills and to a great extent this is being done,” Etienne said. “Football calls for commitment and motivation from within. Football calls for serious players and demands the best from all and sundry.”

The DFA boss explained that if players are not committed and motivated, no amount of playing facilities will make a difference. “The difference must be a change of mindset and a positive attitude, ” he said.

Randolph Peltier, from the Exodus Team was voted the Male Footballer of the Rear while Kacika Samuel, Female Footballer of the Rear and the Rookie Award went to Jamie Parillon.