Lafond won the first medal for Dominica at the Games


Thea Lafond set history Tuesday night (Monday morning Caribbean time) becoming the first Dominican to secure a medal at the Commonwealth Games.

Lafond secured a bronze in the women’s triple jump event with a leap of 13.92 meters.

Lafond started the event off with a bang, jumping 13.82 meters.

She then jumped 13.52 in her second leap, before jumping 13.92 in her third jump.

She leapt 13.62 on attempt number 4 and before fouling on her fifth attempt.

She landed 13.62 meters on her final attempt.

Lafond said her performance is just the beginning of things to come and she is just enjoying the moment.

She represented Dominica at the 2016 Olympic Games and she said she made changes after a disappointing performance there with new training regiment and coach.

“I was not happy with how I was physically and I am mentally going into real and so I decided that you know, you make the mistake twice you look like a fool,” she said. “So I went back and I changed a lot, I increased my weights, I got a better coach and it is paying off and I am thankful for that.”

She described her family and friends as her “support and foundation.”

“Dominica Olympic Committee makes it happen financially for me for things I need, whether it’s training massages, shoes on my feet, they help provide that,” Lafond said. “My family and friends are amazing emotional support when I need a shoulder to lean on they are there, when I need a positive word or a hug, they are there. Mind you sometimes it is tough love but it is those who care about you that gives you that tough love, so I am always thankful for it…”

Lafond who attended the University of Maryland is a teacher/coach/athlete by profession in the United States.

Lafond with President of the Dominica Olympic Committee Billy Doctrove