Matadors of Scotts Head won the Round-o-Rama trophy at the prize-giving of the South East Sports Committee/Sports Division National Rounders League.

In the finals, Matadors scored 118 in 8 overs.  LIME United Strikers, the winner of the opening round-o-rama, replied with 112.

Other trophies were awarded as follows:

Zone runner-up: North West – Capuchin Reformers
South Central – Tremors
South East – GF Lyn Flic Original
East – Fantastic Stars
Zone Champions: North West – Canefield Vikings
South Central – ACS Sout’ Defenders
South East – Marinor L A Stars
East –  C. T. United
MVP  –  North West –  Geraldine Pascal, Colgate Pioneers 350 runs
South Central – Nisha Paul, Matadors – 665 runs
South East – Marinor L A Stars, Suzette Laudat – 683 runs
East – Victoria Burton, C. T. United, 764 runs
MVP Overall: Victoria Burton, C. T. United
Most Disciplined Team – Capuchin Reformers
Runner-up – Marinor L.A. Stars
CHAMPION –  C.T. United

Sports Coordinator Trevor Shillingford was on hand to compliment the teams for their participation in the league and looked forward to more involvement and commitment for a successful 2011 season.

Abraham Browne of the South East Sports Committee and sports officer expressed concerns about some of the minor hitches, however he congratulated the teams for a successful league and encouraged the teams to make themselves available for the evaluation of the league, tentatively set for January 30.