dno sportsThe Sports Division in the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports has released the names of 62 students selected to represent Dominica at the 2014 Windward Islands Schools Games to be held in St. Lucia from July 28 – August 5, 2014.

The team of student athletes will participate in athletics, basketball (boys & girls); football, netball and volleyball (boys & girls). The students were selected following the various championships held during the last academic year at the secondary schools.

Post competition training programmes were held leading up to the final selection.

The team of 62 students will be accompanied by nine officials and will be managed by W.S. Stevens Primary School’s Principal, Alvin Abraham.

In anticipation of the games, officials of the Sports Division and the team officials will meet the athletes on Friday, July 25th at 10:00 am for the final briefing at the Dominica Grammar School.


Oneeka Adams
Jonell Andre’
Anelia Austrie
Javie Bellot
Cleve Bellot
Kihmo Benjamin
Ethan Boland
Kellandie Bully
Camran Carbon
Kim Casey
Zellie Charles
Jacqueve Colaire
Judah Corriette
Gihon Defoe
Luchiano Dupuis
Kelvin Frank
Luan Gabriel
Aymah George
Deshawn George
Deanna George
Earsand George
Dhanique Green
Jervan Guiste
Joshua Henderson
Lhana Honore’
Gemmisa Hypolite
Vanelcia John
Kadisha Joseph
Raheem Joseph
Phibisha Joseph
Sean Joseph
Patrice Jules
Osborn Kok
Dylan Lowe
Stevell Luke
Melissa Magloire
Eustace Marshall
Delroy Parker
Jelani Peter
Lamar Phillip
Romelcia Phillip
Rufuson Pierre- Louis
Michael Pinard
Jade Powell
Aliyah Prince
Sherma Prince
Yerlonne Regis
Montell James
Melina Riviere
Shervan Roberts
Ordel Robin
Ajaya Royer
Rachel Seraphin
Kijuan Thomas
Brenison Thomas
Kellyson Thomas
Edmund Williams
Britney Williams
Kyla Winston
Donisha Xavier
Sherna Xavier
Ross Victorine
Alvin Abraham – Manager
Ronnie Gustave- Football Coach
David Toussaint – Volleyball Coach
Jennifer Nanton – Netball & Volleyball Coach
Yehudi John – Basketball Coach
Alice Jno Jules – Chaperon
Godwin Dorsette – Athletics Coach
Mattaniah Wallace – Netball Coach
Joseph Charles – Asst Football Coach/Trainer