A cruise ship docked in Dominica

A cruise ship docked in Dominica

Dominica experienced a drop in cruise ship visitors in 2015, statistics released by the Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) have shown.

The statistics, released today (Tuesday, February 16), show in 2014 the island received 286,575 cruise ship visitors compared to 279,341 visitors in 2015.

This represents a 2.5 percent drop for the island.

Antigua and Barbuda received a 23.4 percent increase in visitors with 644,314 in 2015 compared to 522, 342 in 2014.

St. Lucia saw an increase of 5.6 percent with 677,394 in 2015 compared to 641,452 in 2014.

Likewise, Grenada experienced growth in arrivals with 280,518 in 2015 as compared to 235,140 in 2014.

St. Vincent saw a decrease of 6.7 percent with 64,859 in 2015 compared to 69,481 in 2014.

Overall the CTO said the pace of growth of Caribbean tourism outperformed every major tourism region in the world.

“Our region has set new arrival and spend records in 2015, far surpassing expectations,” Hugh Riley, Secretary General of the CTO, said while giving a state of the industry address on Tuesday. “Caribbean tourism grew by an estimated seven percent to 28.7 million visits, much higher than the projected four to five per cent. This performance was above the global rate of growth, which the UN agency, the World Tourism Organization quotes at 4.4 per cent.”

He said visitors to the Caribbean spent over $1-billion more in 2015 as compared to 2014 contributing approximately US$30 billion to Caribbean economies.

“That’s 4.2 percent higher than the US$28.8 billion spent during the previous year,” Riley stated.