Tonge said tourism is everybody's business

Tonge said tourism is everybody’s business

Tourism Minister, Robert Tonge, has called for earlier preparations for Dominica’s Carnival celebrations.

He said that should be done so that persons will have an idea what to expect during the season.

“Carnival has to be planned a lot earlier so that people know what to expect,” he said.”We should be promoting Carnival from now and our Jazz event…..Even now we should be having our videos that people can see what Carnival was all about, just like our music Carnival should not just be for Dominicans only, it also has to be for the wider public,” according to the businessman turned government minister. “So all the time when we promote Carnival we promote it with a Creole or patois phrase. The people who are not familiar, how do they understand what that means?” 

Tonge believes that both versions are needed so that people who are not from Dominica can also understand what it is.

“When we say the best Mas, how many people understand what Mas is?” he asked. “But if we are trying to bring in other people, we have to look at some of these things critically in terms of moving forward.”

The Tourism minister is also suggesting that costume bands bring in their costumes earlier and sell them to cruise ship passengers.

 “The most important thing is the planning, we need to plan early and put these things in place even if we have to assist the bands to get them with some financial assistance so that they can begin to bring the costumes earlier, so people can buy their costumes earlier,” Tonge urged.

“We have cruise ships that are coming on a Tuesday. I believe that the bands that are here should be selling 100 costumes to the cruise ships and these cruise ship people come in and they have a blast,” he declared.