Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Claudia Bellot

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Claudia Bellot

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Legal Affairs Claudia Bellot has said that the review of the Tourism Standards and Regulations Act  is nearing completion.

She made the announcement at the opening ceremony of a FCCA-endorsed, Aquila Shore Excellence training, for cruise stakeholder on Wednesday morning.

“We have been able to beef up the skills of the office of the Attorney General with a legal expert in the name of Ray Harris and he has been working feverishly on the act in order to make the various amendments and the reviews that are necessary,” she said. “So very soon we will be coming back to all of the stakeholders to present the amendments to them and to obtain their input and feedback as far as those amendments are concerned.”

Bellot pointed out that the ministry is also responsible for the maintainenance and upgrading of the various tourism sites.

“We know that the Trafalgar falls have been designated as a premium site that will continue during the upcoming season so that visitors can enjoy the site in the morning between 8:00 am and 1:00 pm and have a more heightened experience at the site,” she said.

According to her, before the tourism season opens again in October, the ministry has plans to implement further upgrades at that particular site.

Meanwhile Gerry Aird, Ship Agent of H H V Whitchurch, told the participants that working together is the only way the tourism industry will be successful.

“Let’s try to work together, all of us are competing but let’s try to have a concept of what Dominica is trying to do. This back biting and price cutting that goes on everyday is not going to help us. The resources are there but we need you to make it all work,” he said.