Trafalgar Falls. Photo credit:

The Trafalgar Falls has been designated as a premiere site for the 2011/12 cruise ship season.

It is a decision that the tourism minister Ian Douglas says was well planned.

This means, according to Douglas, that only organised tours will be able to access the area at certain times of the day.

He said, “Taxi drivers were the one who actually suggested that we adopt that approach. They said basically that there are alternative sites like the Emerald Pool, Fresh Water Lake, Soufriere, Middleham Falls and that they can continue to go to. That will allow the other sites to become more popular.”

Douglas said it will also take eliminate the crowding and traffic jam experienced at Trafalgar.

“All these issues will be taken care of, we believe, if we make Trafalgar a Premiere site,” he said.

The new initiative is among new measures to prevent under-pricing of tours on the ground.