A view of Roseau

A view of Roseau

In an article, which appeared on website “traveladdict.net,” travel writer, Lance Longwell, tells of a recent trip to Dominica and how disappointed he was in it.

While admitting that the island is beautiful and lives up to its reputation as a place of “intense natural beauty,” there are many things it is struggling with.

“But Dominica is also an island struggling with poverty and trying to accommodate tourism,” Longwell wrote. “The island’s infrastructure just isn’t able to handle the amount of visitors it is receiving. The result is a trip-over-each-other experience – especially if more than one cruise ship is in port at a time.”

He wrote: “The challenge with Dominica is that there are relatively few things to do on the island. So, when a large number of visitors arrive at one time (such as when a cruise ship is in town), the island is overwhelmed as nearly everyone visits Titou Gorge, the Champagne Reef and Trafalgar Falls. The island’s infrastructure can’t accommodate that many visitors at one time and in such concentrations. We loved the natural beauty of Dominica and would like to return someday. But on this trip, we were definitely disappointed in Dominica.”