Late Prime Minister Pierre Charles,

Late Prime Minister Pierre Charles,

The Pierre Charles Foundation, and the Friends of Pierre Charles pay tribute to the memory of our esteemed brother, Comrade, and Prime Minister on the 10th Anniversary of his passing.

“It is our duty and obligation to honour the memory of the late Prime Minister who during his lifetime worked tirelessly for the education of the masses of Dominicans, cultural development, socio-economic development of Dominica, and solidarity with struggles for national liberation especially on the African continent”.

The contribution of Pierre Charles to Dominica must be viewed from a broad perspective given his involvement in many endeavours.  His contribution to political development in Dominica was only part of his larger contribution to his homeland.  Pierre, a man of great humility, was quintessentially a servant of the community throughout his life.  In his teenage years, he was an acolyte, a Scout, and a Cadet.  In his adult years, he was a teacher, a youth leader, a political activist, a farmer, a parliamentarian, a sportsman, a musician, a businessman, a Minister of Government, and finally a Prime Minister.

We pay tribute to his extraordinary leadership in all the arenas which became the focus of his life’s work.  He was a dynamic and visionary individual who demonstrated unwavering commitment to upliftment of the masses of Dominicans.  On an international level, he was a messenger of peace, who placed great importance on development and alleviation of poverty as the highest priorities for transformation of the developing countries.

During his tenure as Prime Minister, he laid the basis for the re-engineering of the economic structure of Dominica, pursued a progressive foreign policy which built enduring partnerships with other countries that continue to serve Dominica, stood steadfastly for transparency and good governance as evidenced by the Integrity in Public office Act which he championed, and promoted a vision for energy security for Dominica.

Pierre Charles will be remembered for his commitment to self-help and grassroots development, advancement of the Grand Bay District, civil society development, good governance and integrity, the principle of self-determination all over the world in particular in Mozambique, Angola, Zimbabwe, and Namibia, and the embrace of Cuba as an important member of the Caribbean family of nations.

Pierre Charles was an outstanding son of Dominica whose legacy will live on.  May his memory be forever etched in the annals of Dominica’s history.

Long live his memory.

Government’s press secretary also issued the following statement on behalf of the government.

The late Hon. Pierre Charles is being remembered as having made a sterling contribution to national development.

This as today, Monday January 6, 2014, marks the tenth anniversary of his passing.

The late Pierre Charles, former Parliamentary Representative for the Grand Bay Constituency, served as
Prime Minister of Dominica from October 3, 2000 to January 6, 2004. He was buried at the Grand Bay
Roman Catholic Cemetery following a State Funeral Service on Saturday January 17, 2004.

Upon beginning his tenure as Prime Minister and later Minister for Finance, the late Pierre Charles was
faced with an ailing economy. He recognized the need to re-engineer the public sector and made the
difficult decision to undertake structural adjustments. He gained the confidence of international
financial institutions and governments around the world. This resulted in concessionary financing and
debt restructuring for Dominica, thus rescuing the country from financial crisis.

The late Pierre Charles is remembered by his wife, Hon. Justina Charles, Minister for Culture, Youth and
Sports, his three children, other members of his family, members and supporters of the Dominica
Labour Party, the people of the Grand Bay Constituency and the people of Dominica.