Dr. Vince Henderson

Chairman of the upcoming Dominica Labour Party (DLP) Delegates conference and ambassador to the US and the OAS, Dr. Vince Henderson, has dispelled speculation about him running again as a candidate for the DLP. 

Henderson made it clear during a press conference on Wednesday, that despite suggestions which have emerged in recent times that he could be a DLP candidate for the next general election, this just isnt the case. 

Henderson is the former parliamentary representative for the St Joseph Constituency. He did not seek re-election in 2009 and was replaced by Kelver Darroux. 

I am not a candidate for elections. I felt that I have served and I continue to serve in different capacities and every time I am called to serve you, I am always prepared to do that and this time I am not a candidate, he said. 

Darroux also announced recently that he will not be contesting the St. Joseph seat for the DLP in the next general election.

Meanwhile, Henderson said the DLP will be making some changes for the next election. 

The Dominica Labour Party sees itself as changing to build a new Dominica, he declared. Labour Party is the change; it is the change that people will be anticipating at the next polls and that change will be, returning new candidates and old ones too. 

He added that the terms “new” and “old” were not defined by age but in terms of participation. 

Henderson stated that the party expects to see a slate of candidates in upcoming election which will consist of people who have a track record of service in their communities and personal achievement – people who have always been there to help to build Dominica. 

And these candidates will be selected to represent their people in the Parliament of Dominica and to sit in the cabinet to help to build Dominica, the former parliamentary representative and cabinet minister asserted.